I have been under the professional care and attention of Sherise Cortez for over one year now, and am happy to share my experience. I have had post lower back surgery pain and stiffness dating back five years. Additionally, I have experienced progressive loss of flexibility related to college sports injuries. My continuing active lifestyle has benefitted dramatically from Sherise’s therapy and healing sessions. I have almost full range of motion, am pain free and no longer traumatized by the anxiety that any physical exertion will result in pain. She is the consummate professional therapist, healer and confidant. Her sessions focus on my issues, my needs, without resorting to standard routines. I have had massage therapy for years. None like hers —- and that is why I am comfortable recommending Sherise to anyone in serious need.
— Charles H. Townsend CEO Condé Nast
Sherise Cortez is a revelation. She has been instrumental in making my body feel whole again and in restoring and maintaining my sense of well being. As a result of a car accident, I had undergone multiple operations. After recovery period I needed manual therapy. I was in a great deal of pain and unable to move properly.
After the very first session with Sherise I felt immediate improvement, both physically and emotionally. Sherise’s expertise and set of skills in various therapeutic mediums such as manual articular pumping, integrative biomedical needling, massage, aromatherapy, cupping, etc never cease to amaze me. Her approach is holistic rather than myopic. It has had a profound impact in my life and has proven to be of tremendous value.
I have utmost trust in Sherise and will always encourage anybody seeking an integrative practitioner to become her patient.
— Monika Zasada, Sherise’s Patient and Raving Fan
Sherise is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive and professional. She tunes into your body and pours herself into her treatments. After just one session I was free of the unbearable back and knee pain I had been dragging for months.
— E. M. Garza
In September 2014 I fell and broke my patella in 4 pieces requiring emergency surgery. And sadly therafter, I developed arthrofibrosis (excessive scar tissue) which necessitated 2 additional surgeries. I was in terrible pain, depressed and feeling hopeless when I met Sherise Cortez. I could barely walk, was very swollen and Sherise immediately added a spiritual, healing and therapeutic body expertise to my rehabilitation. While traditional doctors and physical therapists generally focused on just my patella she considered my whole leg, body and its interconnection. And she made it a priority to be there for me after surgeries or when I was really at my worst. I continue to see her as she adds a welcome and very knowledgable element to the recovery process.
— Barbara Gary, Patient since Sept 2014